Resident Evil 6: On-disc will be free - first details

No Hope difficulty mode, plus a co-op partner for Ada's campaign

Resident Evil 6's on-disc DLC will be free of charge when it launches "soon" as a title update.


It will introduce No Hope difficulty mode, which Capcom describes as "super hard", plus a co-op partner for Ada's campaign.

Additionally, Ada's campaign will be available from the start of the game - currently players need to complete Jake, Leon and Chris campaigns to unlock it as a bonus.

Capcom said that DLC data stored on the game disc "is incomplete and requires the actual download to access".

Future paid Resident Evil 6 DLC is not on the disc. Microsoft has secured three timed exclusive game modes for Xbox 360.

After a backlash from consumers about paid on-disc DLC, Capcom said in May that it was in the process of "re-evaluating" how it delivers additional game content.

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