15 overlooked Wii Games to play on Wii U

Worried what to play on launch day? You might have missed these...

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6: Kirby's Epic Yarn

Epic Yarn is delightful platformer starring Kirby, Nintendo's adorable, all-consuming puff ball. This game is worth hunting down and playing based on style. Taking place in a hand-crafted world stitched and sewn together for Kirby to happily hop, skip and jump around. Along the way you'll pop buttons, pull on zips and watch enemies explode into loose threads. The whole thing is sickening really, like eating a barrel of candy floss. Epic Yarn is a stellar co-op game too, so grab a friend and get comfortable.

7: Red Steel 2


Something of a departure from the previous (rubbish) title, Red Steel 2 leaned heavily into a Western theme and peppered it with a bit of Eastern flavour. If the sound of cool cowboy samurais in a wild west overrun by Triads and gangsters doesn't sound good, there's something wrong with you. Red Steel uses the Wii Motion Plus, we're going to be a little controversial here and say Ubi's implementation is better than Nintendo's in Zelda: Skyward Sword. If you like a bit of sword-swinging, gun-shooting action this is the one for you.

8: Monster Hunter Tri


Known to its ravenous fans as MonHun, Capcom's beast-hunting third-person action game is a veritable sensation in Japan; not so much in the western world though. For the life of us we can't figure out why; it's challenging, astoundingly deep and packed with weapons that are more powerful than the last weapon you had. Monster Hunter Tri is surprisingly welcoming to newcomers, it'll ease you into the mechanics and leave you to figure out and explore its idiosyncrasies.The online multiplayer experience is also surprisingly good - for a Nintendo console.

9: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories


Do you enjoy colouring in? Answering questionnaires? How about running petrified through the icy wastes, desperately clawing at carpet of thick fog hoping you'll spot a place to seek refuge from terrifying force that may or may not be chasing you. You could do a lot worse than Climax Studios' re-imagining of the Silent Hill's first terrifying installment. Shattered Memories is easily one of the series' best and undoubtedly a Wii game worthy of seeking out.

10: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Admittedly, it's not the most accessible series but for those with the fortitude to stick it out and learn the ways of Fire Emblem, Radiant Dawn will reward you with deep, tactical gameplay that is tough-as-nails. This is one you'll have to really think about before going into, series quirks like perma-death can quickly turn a gaming session into a physical rampage of kicking, screaming and throwing consoles from a height. You have been warned.

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