New PS Store 'more streamlined and accessible', says Sony

First shots of refreshed US PS Store show franchise-specific pages

Sony says its redesigned PlayStation Store will make sifting through its some 20,000 pieces of game-related content "more streamlined and accessible" than the present store.


In addition to screens released earlier today of the new EU PS Store, Sony has now revealed the first shots of the refreshed US Store, which in the past has boasted small design differences from its EU counterpart.

The new shots show shows franchise-specific pages (such as seeing all content for Resident Evil, as exampled), and a better look at the main front-end menu.

PlayStation Digital community man Morgan Haro reveals that the new store is built on HTML5, which "gives us the flexibility to seamlessly add new features and capabilities" over time.

It seems the much younger Vita store, however, won't be getting a refresh any time soon.

Responding to several user comments on the PS Blog post, Haro said of a Vita Store redesign that Sony was "considering every possibility".

But he went on to add, "For the time being, there's nothing to announce except that this is for the PS3 version of the PS Store."

will be rolled out across PAL regions on October 17 following scheduled PSN maintenance, with a US launch planned for October 23. New shots of the US PS Store are below.

Note: Haro warns that these are mock images that do not represent any actual pricing or content coming to the US PS Store (in other words, don't get all excited about the offer of Resident Evil 5 free to PS Plus subs).