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Dishonored, XCOM, Fable and Pokémon - our heads are going to explode!

Good afternoon, as the clock gently ticks around to pub o'clock this fine Friday, we have the distinct pleasure of an amazing weekend of gaming ahead

Personally, it's a toss up between the amazing Dishonored which we called "one of the greatest games of the generation " and reborn classic XCOM: Enemy Unknown, for our primary gaming thrills, but with Fable: The Journey and Pokémon Black & White 2 also hitting today, we only wish we had four heads and eight pairs of hands so we could play them all simultaneously. Hennyway, moving swiftly on, as always our esteemed colleagues of gaming and tech have also been like bloodhounds on the trail this week, sniffing out the finest link-based mega morsels for you to enjoy. Here's what they tracked down.

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