Fable The Journey flops to 37th on UK chart

Final spell of misfortune brings an end to two difficult years at the respected Lionhead studio

Lionhead's Fable the Journey has debuted at number 37 in the weekly all-format UK charts, making it the poorest performing edition in the series' eight-year history.


As things stand, the Kinect-based adventure game will not manage to come close to matching the commercial success of its predecessors. The week-one sales flop brings a bitter end to a painful two years for the company, with the title's first showcase at E3 2011 triggering vehement backlash from the community.

Fable 2 (2008) and Fable 3 (2010) both debuted at number one in the UK charts; the latter being one of the biggest Xbox 360 launch titles ever in the UK.

Though The Journey suffered mixed critic reviews, Microsoft's marketing team appears to have made a decision to not back the project with much targeted advertising. Within the games community there has also been a general resistance to Kinect-based games, with criticism directed at Microsoft for making motion-control compulsory features on some of the projects it delegates.

CVG games critic Ben Griffin wrote in his Fable The Journey review that the game was beautiful but frustrating, and also questioned the purpose of implementing Kinect.

The Fable series is highly respected among many thousands of games enthusiasts, and its Guildford based creators Lionhead has built a strong reputation for fostering the series over the years.

Gary Carr, the group's creative director, recently told CVG how the group was "devastated by the waves of criticism directed at Fable The Journey.

The studio is now thought to be working on an exciting new project for next-generation systems.