FIFA 13: EA delays console title update

Will fix various issues with Career Mode, FUT and online matchmaking

EA has apologised for a delay to the release of a new FIFA 13 title update.


Designed to fix various issues with the game's Career Mode, FIFA Ultimate Team and online matchmaking, the FIFA 13 patch hit the PC version of the footy title last week, and was planned to go live on consoles over the weekend.

"We apologize for a delay in the FIFA 13 Title Update," EA said. "A knock-on issue was detected in the patch planned for this weekend.

"We're working with our partners to establish a new schedule for the update and we will provide information as soon as it becomes available."

FIFA 13 sold 4.5 million copies worldwide in five days to become the "biggest videogame launch of 2012 and biggest sports videogame launch of all-time", according to EA.

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