Surface tablets will undercut iPad prices, Microsoft reveals

New Windows 8 tablets to launch at $100 cheaper than the baseline 32GB iPad

Microsoft has revealed the final US retail prices for the upcoming range of Surface tablets, showing a slight price advantage over the latest Apple iPad.

The 32GB base unit will cost $499 - which at current rates is $100 cheaper than the 32GB iPad 3 (Wi-Fi only model). Another version with a Touch Cover Keyboard will cost $599. Meanwhile, a 64GB version is available for $699.

The baseline Surface model supports Windows RT, a customised tablet variant of the widely criticised Windows 8 operating system. Special 'pro' editions of Surface (with a more powerful processor and other miscellanea) will ship at a later date.

The Microsoft Surface tablet release date is set for October 26th; the same day that the Windows 8 operating system goes live.


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