SCEE reverts back to old PS Store after launch day woes

Sony working to fix teething problems

Sony appears to have reverted UK PS3 owners back to the old PlayStation Store after today's troubled redesign launch.


SCEE launched the new PlayStation Store today, which introduced a much-improved interface but, unfortunately, a fair few glitches too.

Users waited for long periods to launch the store, as demonstrated in our video tour, while many were unable to add funds to their wallets and PS Plus subscribers found their subscriptions were going unrecognised.

Now it appears that SCEE has temporarily withdrawn the new PS Store from service as it tackles these issues. Multiple users are now reporting that they have been diverted back to the old store following a PS3 system restart, with the new update nowhere to be found. Those logging in for the first time today are also not seeing the prompt for the new store update.

A spokesperson for PlayStation did not confirm or deny the problem in a statement issued to CVG.

"The store is already available in ANZ and the Nordics, with more switching to the new store all the time. We look forward to introducing the new look store to the UK market shortly," the company said.

Sony said earlier today that it's aware of a number of launch day issues, which it's working to address.

"The speed will improve greatly over the next 24 hours or so as launch day creases are ironed out," the platform holder said this afternoon on the PlayStation Europe Twitter account.

"For anyone having trouble adding funds to your wallet on the new Store - apologies, this issue will be fixed in the next couple of hours," Sony added.