Bethesda: Installing Doom 3 BFG offers 'no performance advantage'

And doing so won't let you play Doom or Doom 2

Bethesda has advised Doom 3 BFG Edition owners not to install the game to the Xbox 360 hard drive as it has no benefit.


Speaking to NowGamer, Bethesda's global community lead Matt Grandstaf said "there is no performance advantage to installing the game to your hard drive".

He added that doing so will in fact prevent players from accessing the two classic Doom title bundled on the disc. "If you choose to install the game to the Xbox 360 hard drive, you will not be able to launch Doom or Doom 2."

Doom 3 BFG Edition features completely remastered versions of Doom 3 and the Resurrection of Evil add-on pack, plus seven new levels entitled 'The Lost Mission' and the original Doom and Doom 2.

id Software's John Carmack told fans at QuakeCon Doom 4 will be "done when it's done".