Football Manager 2013 beta kicks off

Start playing now if you've pre-ordered the upcoming game

The Football Manager 2013 beta has gone live, allowing players to begin their careers two weeks ahead of the game's official release.


The beta is open to fans that have pre-ordered or pre-purchased FM 2013. It features most of the full game's features, including the new Football Manager Classic mode and the short-term Challenges.

It will run until Monday, November 5, with players able to continue their career without interruption in the full game.

Sega has confirmed a global Football Manager 2013 release date of Friday, November 2.

Back in August Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson told us how his team is trying to appeal to all tastes with the latest series entry. Read what he had to say in this Football Manager 2013 interview .

If you're not in the mood for more reading, the studio has also released a series of Football manager 2013 videos detailing new features and improvements.