Ace Attorney 5 to feature voice acting for the first time

Goodbye sound effects, hello human voices

Capcom has revealed that as Ace Attorney 5 makes its debut on the 3DS and its sound design has undergone an overhaul.


In an interview with Japanese magazine, Nintendo Dream - translated by Siliconera - Capcom has revealed upgrades made to Ace Attorney 5.

Capcom understands that removing the beloved sound effects of the past games may be controversial, but the decision was made "after much consideration."

The reason for including voice actors instead of simple sound effects comes in two parts. The first being that the 3DS now supports surround sound, therefore using the sounds from the DS games would result in tuning difficulties.

The second is the team wanted the game to work with the anime cut-scenes which feature voice acting.

Ace Attorney 5 will also include characters from the past, "that were not only very popular but also those who would fit into the story of Ace Attorney 5 without feeling awkward or forced."

Phoenix Wright returns as the protagonist, with a new partner Kokone Kizuki, who fights alongside Phoenix, a defense attorney working under him.