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iPad mini is official, 4th-gen iPad revealed

Apple reveals compact slate out November, along with next-gen iPad

After months of rumours Apple has officially revealed the iPad mini, along with the fourth generation iPad.


Apple showed iPad Mini being held in one hand. It's 7.2mm thin, 53 per cent lighter, and weighs 0.68lbs. It'll come in black and white trims.

The all-important screen size is 7.9 inches, with the exact same 1024x768 resolution screen as the full-size iPad 2. It's powered by the dual-core A5 chip, has LTE wireless, FaceTime HD camera, 5-megapixel camera on the back and still packs 10-hours battery life, according to Apple.

The Black version was announced in WiFi trim only, so wireless models will be in white only. With 16GB of memory it'll cost $329.99, adding $100 to that price each time for the 32GB and 64GB versions. Pre-orders will kick off on October 26 and the WiFi version will ship on November 2.

The fourth generation iPad - the first to come in the same year as its predecessor - is powered by the A6 chip, doubling the performance for CPU tasks and, more importantly for gamers, "double" the graphics power.

Apple boasted of 10 hours battery life, LTE wireless for the always-connected version and a Retina display. It'll come in black and white versions, and a 16GB WiFi model will cost $499, as usual.

The fourth-gen iPad will completely replace the third-gen 'New iPad' after seven months in service, while iPad 2 remains in the line-up as the entry-level model at $399.

Images of the new iPad mini are below.