Zynga Austin hit with 100+ layoffs - report

Chicago and Boston studio's also affected, claim rumours

Zynga has laid off over 100+ employees at its Austin-based studio, claims a report.


Update: Gama says it has 'confirmation' that Zynga's Boston studio has been closed entirely. Update ends.

No public announcement has been made, but Gamasutra reports that it's received 'first-hand confirmation' of the layoffs.

Unconfirmed rumours also suggest that Zynga's Boston and Chicago studios are also facing significant cuts today.

According to reported employee accounts, the teams responsible for The Ville and Zynga Bingo have been axed, leaving only the Slots team.

A employee told Joystiq, "So what I know as of now that The Ville and Bingo teams were cut. I don't know anything about Chicago at the moment."

They went on to say that around 70 employees are left at the Austin studio. Affected employees were apparently given two hours to vacate the building.

More details shortly.