'From Software should reboot the Resident Evil series'

Fantasy franchise reboots

On this week's mailbox we've got a Facebook message from Stuart Lyons, who wants to know our dream dev choices for franchise reboots. Give us your picks in the comments below.


If you could get any developer to take over a franchise, who and what would it be? I would get From Software to reboot the Resident Evil series. Dark Souls is similar to the original Resident Evil games (on PlayStation); the bonfires and humanities are basically the typewriter and ink ribbons if you think about it.

They both have great level design with doors that open shortcuts, and similar inventory screens... Even the music on the title screen sounds a bit like Resident Evil 2. That's my idea, what's yours?

PSM3 says: Us? Andy H wants Rocksteady to reinvent the James Bond series (imagine the incredible fist fights and gadgets), while Mike wants IO to tackle 007, turning Bond into a slick killer.

CVG says: We'd like to see Naughty Dog take on the Legacy of Kain franchise and put out a new Soul Reaver, if only because Amy Hennig - the series' director - is there.

*Sigh* What we wouldn't give for a new Soul Reaver.