Assassin's Creed 3: Ten essential tips for becoming a Master Assassin

Win every fight, hunt like a pro, master naval combat

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There are a number of ways to make money, each with varying degrees of efficiency. Completing side missions such as deliveries and assassination contracts will provide a small income, as will tackling Couriers while unarmed so you don't kill them, but the sums involved are not substantial.

Locating Treasure Chests is a great way of making money as well as discovering other items and recipes, and the quickest way to find these is to buy maps from General Stores. Although this involves an initial investment, the amount you will obtain by opening all of the chests far outweighs the cost. By completing the Liberation missions in an area you will also receive a key that opens all the local Treasure Chests, allowing you to skip the lockpicking sequences.

While out in the Frontier, from time to time Templar convoys will appear along the main routes and these can be robbed for a tidy profit. Once you've located a convoy and taken care of the guards, simply approach the rear of the wagon and search it for a cool £750, or £1,500 if there's a second wagon present.

The best way to make money is by selling items via convoys from your Homestead. Once you've recruited settlers and acquired some recipes you can start crafting items, which sell for much more than the combined values of their individual parts. Trading pelts and other items collected from hunting via convoys is also very profitable, and as there is an unlimited supply of animals out in the Frontier you can earn as much money as you like if you're willing to put the time in.



During Sequence 6 you encounter Stephane Chapheau and recruit him to your Assassin's Guild, which then opens up Liberation missions in Boston and later New York. By heading to the Liberation Missions section of the map screen you will see each city is divided into three districts, which contain challenges to complete that will transfer control of that area from Templar to Assassin.

The North and South Boston districts (Central is automatically liberated) each contain two types of Liberation mission, with the North, Central and South districts of New York having three different mission variations. Once you've completed three of each Liberation mission type in a district you will unlock a final mission for that area, where you assassinate a Templar leader using your contact's ability then recruit them into your Guild.

To select an ability hold down L2/LB and use the right stick to scroll through available options, then to carry out the action tap L2/LB in open play. The following contacts can be recruited and provide you with the listed ability once they join your Guild:

  • Stephane Chapheau (Central Boston) - Assassinate: Kills targeted character then fights any nearby guards
  • Stephane Chapheau (Central Boston) - Riot: Forms nearby civilians into an angry mob, drawing guards away from their posts to allow infiltration
  • Duncan Little (North Boston) - Bodyguard: All available recruits follow behind you and assassinate any enemies who begin to investigate
  • Clipper Wilkinson (South Boston) - Marksmen: All available recruits fire upon targeted character and other hostiles nearby
  • Dobby Carter (North New York) - Lure: Steals from targeted character and causes them to chase after recruit, moving them away to another area
  • Jamie Colley (West New York) - Ambush: Designates a circular area on the ground, with any hostile entering being attacked by an available recruit
  • Jacob Zenger (East New York) - Covert Escort: Available recruits provide an escort while dressed in military uniform, allowing infiltration into forts and other restricted areas

When you don't expect you'll need their services you should be sending your recruits out on Contracts, as these will net you both money and items as well as XP to level up. Raising your recruits to higher levels not only improves their success rate on future contracts, but also unlocks additional weapons and fighting moves for when they join you in combat.

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