2013 preview: The 15 big Wii U games of next year

Looking beyond the launch...

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4. Aliens: Colonial Marines


Publisher: Sega
ETA: Spring 2013

Having firmly sullied their own good name with Duke Nukem Forever, Gearbox recently reaffirmed their reputation as capable developers with Borderlands 2, permitting us some excitement towards Aliens: Colonial Marines. The type of intense, atmospheric shooter that the Wii persistently lacked, Colonial Marines will hopefully signpost the Wii U as a viable platform for the FPS.

5. DiRT


Publisher: Codemasters
ETA: TBC 2013

Not much is known about DiRT on Wii U at present, but a retooled port of 2011's DiRT 3 might be a safe bet. Core gameplay features on the second screen might be a tad difficult - splitting player attention isn't conducive to the genre - but at least we have the assurance of a solid racer servicing Wii U in 2013.

6. Project CARS


Publisher: Slightly Mad Studios
ETA: TBC 2013

If rally isn't quite your thing, Project CARS offers prospective Wii U owners a track-based alternative. Given that the game is currently without a publisher and dependent on developer and community funding, it's surprising how solid CARS has looked in initial trailers. Could the complexity of an F1 steering wheel be translated to the GamePad's second screen?

7. Rayman Legends


Publisher: Ubisoft
ETA: February 2013

Following on from 2011's roundly adored Rayman Origins, Legends builds upon the good work of its predecessor by looking even more eye-wateringly gorgeous. Controlling Rayman with the touch-screen is a novelty, but Origins vets know the real joy comes from the hectic multiplayer, utilising the console's Wii Remote compatibility for four-player co-op.

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