Best iPad games: Need For Speed Most Wanted

Top-quality mobile street racing for under five pounds

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Best iPad games: Need For Speed Most Wanted

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Most Wanted on iOS shouldn't be viewed as a streamlined, compromised little brother to its 360 and PS3 sibling. Appreciate it for what it is: An excellent arcade racer with wonderful production values and a beefy single player campaign. For under five pounds.

Played on iPad 3, it is a technical marvel. Most Wanted's streets, corners and inclines are handsome in the extreme, though the licensed soundtrack is a little more uneven in quality. The racing itself is tilt-controlled, with a rarely-used brake on the left side of the screen and drift and nitro commands on the right. So often a flaw in iOS games, the tilt controls here are excellent; drifts satisfy and activating nitros is perfectly intuitive with a flick of the finger.

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Cars and courses are unlocked across Fairhaven, Most Wanted's game world, with (nearly) every race completed. There's good variety in the challenges, too, as typical street races mix in with against-the-clock missions. A changing roster of cars across the locations makes all the difference, too - Porsches are thrown in with hulking great Humvees. Takedowns, running battles with police cars, roadblocks and spike traps aren't as central to Most Wanted as one might expect from its title, but they certainly add pleasing friction and added peril to the otherwise super-slick racing.

Much has been made in gaming circles of how Criterion has turned EA's primary racing franchise around in recent years, but it's Australian mobile studio Firemonkeys which must take the applause here. There may be no head-to-head multiplayer, but for solo players Most Wanted is a wonderful street racer, a game that's brimming with content and presented and executed with supreme confidence.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is £4.99 on the App Store. Download it here.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is £4.79 on Android. Download it here.