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Xbox Live DLC schedule: Toe Jam & Earl, Skyrim sale

New games and discounts coming to Xbox 360 over the coming weeks

Microsoft has published the Xbox Live Marketplace release schedule for the next few weeks.


As well as plenty of DLC season passes, there's currently a sale on Elder Scrolls content, including Skyrim's Dawnguard and Hearthfire add-ons, while Toe Jam & Earl Collection hits XBLA next week.

There are numerous other new releases and savings on existing titles between now and November 12, which are listed below.

Xbox Live Arcade

  • Pool Nation, 31-Oct, 800 MS Points
  • Pid, 31-Oct, 800 MS Points
  • Toe Jam & Earl Collection, 7-Nov, 800 MS Points
  • Karateka, 7-Nov, 800 MS Points


  • Assassin's Creed 3: Season Pass, 30-Oct, 2400 MS Points
  • Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point, 30-Oct, 560 MS Points
  • WWE' 13: Fan Axxess, 30-Oct, 1600 MS Points
  • Halo 4: War Games Map Pass Season One, 6-Nov, 2000 MS Points
  • Magic 2013: Deck Pack 1, 7-Nov, 240 MS Points

Deal of the Week: Bethesda, 30-Oct to 5-Nov
  • Oblivion, Varies by Region
  • Shivering Isles, 600 MS Points (50% off)
  • Knights of the Nine, 200 MS Points (50% off)
  • Skyrim GonD, Varies by region
  • Hearthfire, 320 MS Points (20% off)
  • Dawnguard, 1200 MS Points (25% off)

Deal of the Week: 6-Nov to 12-Nov

  • Guardian Heroes, 400 MS Points (50% off)
  • Joy Ride Turbo, 400 MS Points (50% off)
  • Shoot Many Robots, 400 MS Points (50% off)
  • All Zombies Must Die, 200 MS Points (50% off)

Special Sales
  • Kinect Central: Babel Rising, 30-Oct to 5-Nov, 400 MS Points (50% off)
  • Kinect Central: UFC Personal Trainer Jon Jones Workout, 6-Nov to 12-Nov, 400 MS Points (50% off)

Games on Demand
  • Jillian Michael's Fitness Adventure, 30-Oct
  • Asura's Wrath, 30-Oct
  • Silent Hill: Downpour, 30-Oct
  • Devil May Cry Collection, 6-Nov
  • Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires, 6-Nov
  • Persona 4 Arena, 6-Nov


  • Wreck-It Ralph, 30-Oct
  • NBA Update, 30-Oct
  • Halo 4 Update, 5-Nov
  • Epic Mickey: The Power of Two, 6-Nov
  • Umbro Update, 6-Nov