Persona 4 Arena's EU release misses 2012

Held up indefinitely by processes related to localisation

Persona 4 Arena will not arrive in Europe this year, its distributor Zen United has announced.


The game's indefinite delay, Zen explains, is due to processes related to EU localisation issues.

"A 2012 release for Persona 4 Arena is now no longer possible," said Zen United. "We know this is very upsetting for many of you - us included, we might add - and we sincerely look forward to being able to deliver better news to you soon."

In a separate Q&A regarding the ongoing issue, the firm said, "these delays are beyond our control," adding that the game has hit setbacks in localisation since it launched in Japan and the US earlier this year.

But, Zen promises, "you will get something nice for the delay. We understand everyone's frustration surrounding this, so we are preparing something - and we'll announce that once the new schedule for release is in place."