Molyneux's Curiosity out now on iOS

Peter Molyneux has launched his first project since departing from his senior executive role at Microsoft.


His new project, called Curiosity, asks players to chip away at a vast cube to discover what is inside. The game connects together all players, showing each person which sides of the cube have been dug into most and which need more work.

The free iOS game is the debut project at Guildford group 22 Cans; a studio which formed after Peter Molyneux resigned as Microsoft's games development director for Europe.

Each new layer of the cube promises something unique, Molyneux has said, until one player reaches the final layer and is presented with a video describing what is inside. It is then their choice to share the video or not.

For those who can't handle the anticipation, players can purchase a extraordinarily expensive diamond chisel that can cut through the cube much faster. Other tools can be acquired or earned.