Halo 4 gives 343 credibility and confidence for future, says exec producer

Studio can now 'push things if we decide to'

The critical success of Halo 4 has earned new series developer 343 the "credibility" to push the series in the future, exec producer Kiki Wolfkill has said.


Speaking to CVG in a just-published Halo 4 interview, the exec producer agreed that after assembling a team from scratch and living up to the huge expectations of reviewers, one of the hardest parts of creating its planned Halo trilogy has past.

"Definitely one of the hardest parts [is over], and it's not like we didn't go through gaining and losing people along the way - and we'll go through more of that," she said.

"It's an incredibly talented team. I think we came in to it as a set of very talented individuals and came out of it as a very strong team and that is worth its weight in gold - that is the most valuable asset you can have."

Wolfkill said the positive reception and potential sales success of Halo 4 will give the 343 team confidence and creative "flexibility" as it moves on to its next to Halo games

"I think it has definitely earned us a little more credibility in pushing things some different ways if we decide to," she said.

"I think the fans and the community needed to understand that we cared about Halo as much as they did, and that we cared about giving them something great. I feel like we have that confidence and I think that always gives you a little bit more flexibility in the future."

Halo 4 is out on Xbox 360 globally from today (and Japan on Thursday). Read our Halo 4 review for more.