Video: See Microsoft's London Halo 4 helicopter stunt

If you were strolling alongside the River Thames last night you were undoubtedly shocked by the unmistakable sight of Halo 4's orange... glyph... thing.


Choice of symbol aside, Microsoft made damn sure it kicked off the launch of its shooter sequel with dramatic scenes in London, involving a helicopter, the 3.2 ton glyph and more than 600 fans gathered by the river.

Here, for your education, are some key 'stunt facts' along with Microsoft official shaky-cam video:

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  • The Glyph measures 50 feet in diameter and weighs 3.2 tons
  • This is one of the largest and brightest man-made flying structures to ever be flown by helicopter.
  • A team of over 50 designers, engineers and fabricators created the Glyph.
  • It took approximately 8 weeks to design and construct: 2 weeks to design with the engineers, 4 weeks to build the aluminum structure and 2 weeks to apply the LED lighting.
  • There are 455 LED light strips mounted onto 37 panels and a total of 113,096 LEDs of a pure orange color consuming 20 KW of power!
  • The dynamic lighting effects are all powered and controlled from an onboard electrical and computer system, which was remote controlled from a boat following the Glyph.
  • The helicopter flew at a height of 600 feet with the Glyph suspended 350 feet above the River Thames.