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Halo: 343 would consider different genres, mediums

FPS is "the best place to tell one kind of story," says exec producer

343 would consider different genres, mediums and delivery mechanisms for future Halo games, Halo 4's exec producer has said.


Speaking to CVG in a just-published Halo 4 interview, Kiki Wolfkill explained that if a different type of Halo experience moved the IP forward in an interesting way, "we'll do it".

"We've always had a big vision for Halo and the universe and we look at ourselves as not just a games studio but an IP studio," she said.

"The first-person shooter is the best place to tell one kind of story but as you can see from Forward Unto Dawn and stuff like that, there are other parts of the story that are interesting to tell in different ways.

"Forward Unto Dawn allowed us to explore characters a little bit differently and tell a different kind of story - and that is interesting to us. We want Halo as a universe to grow and evolve and be a Star Wars... all the good parts about Star Wars!"

She added: "I think we'd look at what the most interesting genre, medium, delivery mechanism is to tell a certain story, and if it moves the IP forward in an interesting way we'll do it."

The Halo franchise previously explored the RTS genre with Ensemble's Halo Wars. 343 Industries is planning a new trilogy of Halo games.

In the same interview the exec producer agreed Halo 4 will give 343 credibility and confidence for future games.

Halo 4 is out on Xbox 360 globally from today (and Japan on Thursday). Read our Halo 4 review for more.