Ubisoft 'increasingly positive' about Wii U chances

New console expected to account for 6 per cent of publisher's software sales

Nintendo's next generation console has been given a ringing endorsement from the CEO of Ubisoft ahead of the system's November 18 US release date.


Chief executive Yves Guillemot said his company was "more and more positive on the launch of the Wii U", commenting that retailers do not have enough stock to meet demand.

The publisher expects its Wii U games to account for six per cent of overall sales during the second half of the company's financial year; a surprisingly high figure given the 150 million-plus combined install-base of the current generation home consoles and handheld systems.

"Wii U will drive the industry next year," Guillemot added.

Ubisoft has signed a key partnership with Nintendo to bundle together new Wii U systems with its highly anticipated zombie shooter ZombiU.