Microsoft will reward those who play 140+ hours of Halo 4 this month

If you've got the stamina and/or time to run up 140+ hours on Halo 4's multiplayer before November 30, then you'll get 600 Microsoft Points for your efforts.


As part of Xbox Live Rewards, Halo 4 players are encouraged to spend as much time with the game as possible in order to score free credit. Over 70 hours will gain you 300 MS points, while more than 35 hours will get you 100.

That means if you're aiming for the 140+ mark, you'll need to play Halo 4 for six hours a day until November 30. That may be achievable if you don't have a job or go to school, but for many of us, it's just a dream. Or a nightmare.

Is 6 hours a day on the one game actually fun? We're divided here, so let us know how many hours your first Halo 4 session was.