Curiosity server 'overwhelmed' as 160,000 players tap away

Molyneux 'praying to the gods' that connection problems ease

Peter Molyneux has promised that his team is working on live server fixes for the new iOS and Android sensation Curiosity, as the sheer intensity of user activity has caused several bugs in the app.


The free mobile and tablet application, which tasks players with tapping away at a giant block comprised of hundreds of millions of cubes, was played by 160,000 people on its first day.

At the time of going to press, some 98,000,000 blocks have been scratched off the giant structure, with just 2.8 million units left on current layer.

CVG is covering the unravelling of the cube in a Live Blog, which you can read through here.

On Tuesday, players discovered that the second layer of Curiosity portrays a green lava lamp - an image that emerged gradually throughout the day as each tiny pixel was removed.

But high levels of demand from players are causing connection issues. In certain cases, people have complained that their scores have been reset after losing communication with the server.

Molyneux, who resigned from Microsoft this year to establish the new Guildford studio 22 Cans, last night told fans on Twitter that his team was working on the problem.

"I now understand what's going on, basically we and our server are overwhelmed by the number of people trying out the experiment," he said.

"Everyone please remember something as concurrent as this has never been attempted before, and we're just a tiny company.

"What makes this so scary, because we want to keep the cube active we are having to make changes on the server live. Praying to the gods. What we've learned so far is amazing and we'll share all of this but first we must fix the problems. So so so sorry but please be patient."