Capcom to add 1,000 jobs, cut number of outsourced games

Japanese publisher outlines its ten-year plan for improving product quality

Capcom plans to increase its internal development staff from 1,500 to 2,500 over the next decade.


The Japanese publisher has told investors that the move will allow it to shift outsourced operations to its internal workforce in a bid to improve the quality of its output.

Capcom has outsourced a significant number of its games to overseas developers in recent years. The strategy was seemingly designed to boost the global appeal of its products, but it has produced mixed results.

Sweden's Grin developed Bionic Commando, Blue Castle Games (later acquired by Capcom and renamed Capcom Game Studio Vancouver) made Dead Rising 2, Vancouver-based Slant Six Games was drafted in to develop Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, California outfit Spark Unlimited made Lost Planet 3, and UK-based Ninja Theory is currently putting the finishing touches to DmC, a reboot of Capcom's Devil May Cry series.

Capcom told investors last week: "We want to further improve the quality of our games by maintaining an internal game development team.

"The purpose of increasing our game developer team is to create a larger percentage of our games internally. We believe that there will be no significant change in total development expenditures mainly because we will be shifting outsourced operations to our own workforce."

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