Head 2 Head: A more aggressive form of games debate

Does Facebook gaming suck? CVG fights for an answer and YOU decide who's won

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Head 2 Head; a brand new format for arguing on the internet!

This semi-regular series was created because, well, I'm often at loggerheads with my beloved colleague Tamoor Hussain. We kind of disagree on everything. Not intentionally, mind you. So we decided that the best way to settle such arguments would be filming them and putting the vote to you.

So here's the rules:

  1. We pick one random subject. Tamoor airs his opinion on said subject and I - no matter what - must explain why I disagree.
  2. We argue for three minutes.
  3. We put the vote to you on who won the argument. After 24 hours we declare who won.

Our first Head 2 Head is below - it's all about social gaming. Let us know who you think won.

If you're registered with CVG: In the comments section below you can suggest future topics for us to argue about.

Let's do this!

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