'Sega does what Nintendon't' and other trolling game ads

These days the marketing of video games and consoles is very gentlemanly, but there was a time when calling out the competition and publicly mocking it was the winning strategy.

Perhaps 'winning' isn't the right word since Sega, which as you'll see in the list below, was synonymous with the adversarial approach to promotion and rarely made it to the top of the winner's podium.

Regardless of whether it worked or not, it was entertaining to watch. Much of our childhoods were spent locked in heated battles against proponents from the competing camp.

Of course we never really had any hard facts, most of our ammunition was based on magazine adverts and TV commercials. Listed below are some of our favourite video game marketing jabs, let us know your's in the comments below.

Humans Agains Genesis


The first of many Sega commercials taking a pop at its rivals, this particular commercial featured an elderly lady representing Humans Against Genesis, or HAG. In it she wishes Sonic would lose the attitude, slow his roll and behave like a good good mascot - like that sweetie Mario.

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