Angry Birds Star Wars reviews go live

Praise all round for the Rovio-LucasArts crossover

Reviews for Angry Birds Star Wars are coming in after it was released this morning in the UK.


The Guardian has given it five stars, saying that it is "A reminder that developer Rovio continues to put a lot of effort and craft into Angry Birds as a game, rather than just a brand to be milked."

"Angry Birds Star Wars is the best Angry Birds game yet, and the best Star Wars spin-off in a long time. It's going to be big, and deservedly so."

IGN has given the game 8.8 in its review. "Rovio has proven that Angry Birds can be more than a casual slingshotting time killer," says the site. "Although it doesn't stray too far from its pick-up-and-play roots, at its best the game contains real challenge and surprisingly clever twists. Gamers will come for the Star Wars references, but they'll stay for the huge variety of perfectly-tuned stages."

Finally, Pocket Gamer's review says: "You might think this is a merchandising opportunity too far, or brand synergy you could do without, but once you get this game in your hands even the most hardcore defenders of the empire will likely be won over." The site give the game a 9/10.

Angry Birds Star Wars is 69p on iPhone and the HD version for iPad is £1.99. The standard version is free on Android and the HD version is £1.99.