Turkish Street Fighter parody: Crotch shocks, Yoga flame suicides and bullying E. Honda

Here at CVG we love seeing our favourite games mangled and reinterpreted as foreign films and TV shows.


Ghanaian movie Obonsam Besu Devil May Cry is perhaps our favourite, with the Tamil Assassin's Creed movies following closely behind.

The latest game to get the foriegn fail treatment is Street Fighter, which appeared on Turkish TV show İşler Güçler.

Its adaptation of Capcom's seminal one-on-one brawler more than earns its place on our list of oh-god-this-is-so-bad-but-I-can't-stop-laughing videos.

Highlights include Dhalsim dressed as Sagat spamming oveheads, Guile's win quote dance, Chun-li bullying E. Honda and Blanka electrocuting Ryu's crotch.

The fun starts at 0:26.