GTA V: Three main protagonists revealed in new art

Players will reportedly use the characters in "groundbreaking" ways

Grand Theft Auto V will feature three main protagonists that players will use in "groundbreaking" ways.

That's according to the December issue of Game Informer, which carries an 18-page cover feature on the game.

GTA V Game Informer cover


The possibility of three main characters was first hinted at in the original GTA V trailer, in which three characters are shown storming a building in pest control uniforms.

The gun-toting pest control workers were shown again wearing gas masks in GTA V art. The character on the far right, who might be an East Coast gangster struggling to escape the life of crime, can be seen pulling out a gas mask.

The as yet unnamed character on the far left was featured in the recently released GTA V quad bike art, and it's been speculated that the character in the middle is the same one seen running from cops in the initial GTA V reveal trailer.

Last week Rockstar announced that the GTA V release date will fall in spring 2013 on consoles. GTA V pre-orders kicked off earlier this week.

The studio will release the much-anticipated second GTA V trailer on November 14 - next Wednesday.