Black Ops 2 stats won't be reset at launch

Those with legitimately obtained copies won't be penalised for pre-release play

Treyarch doesn't intend to reset Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 stats when the game officially launches at 12:01am tomorrow morning.


Game design director David Vonderhaar confirmed on Twitter that players who legitimately obtained copies of the game ahead of the official Black Ops 2 release date of November 13 won't be penalised for playing early.

He said (via MP1st): "FAQ. Will people be reset? A. Unless you are a bad person doing bad things, no.

"Enjoy the game," he added. "Services will be spotty as we prepare for the official launch," adding that "it's a rolling start. Expect bounces the new few days as we bring up extra services."

Vonderhaar also urged players to read the Black Ops 2 Security/Enforcement policy, which outlines what players will and won't be banned for doing.