Assassin's Creed 3 guide: Eight secrets you may have missed

Finished the story? Done the side quests? You still haven't seen it all

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Once you start adding settlers to your Homestead, you can craft items by using the Accounting Book found in the Manor. Although you can experiment by combining different artisans and resources, the best way to make new items is by collecting recipes. These can be used to create all sorts of items ranging from materials to clothing, food and more, but the most interesting ones relate to Benjamin Franklin inventions.

These recipes are found by collecting the Almanac pages blowing around Boston and New York; Almanacs are split into four pages, and each time you complete a book a new invention recipe is revealed. These generally require high level artisans to construct so you may need to complete further Homestead missions before you can finish the crafting process.

Each Benjamin Franklin invention you craft is added to an upstairs room at the rear of the Manor, and can be interacted with to provide tongue-in-cheek explanations of their creation and uses. The most interesting of these is probably the Glass Armonica, the description for which references the contemporary belief that the music created by the instrument could drive both the musician and audience insane!


By completing the Homestead Missions that appear in the area around your Manor, you can acquire new settlers to move in and work on your land. There are ten different individuals or couples to recruit, from farmers and lumberers to innkeepers, a blacksmith and even a priest! Some of these characters don't become available until you've completed a number of missions with other settlers, so keep plugging away at the Homestead Missions until you find them all.

Several of these missions follow Norris the miner's attempts to woo Myriam the huntress, which eventually prove successful. Once you have a full complement of settlers and most of the missions are complete you can head to the church and initiate their wedding.

Initially the big day doesn't go to plan but Connor quickly intervenes to turn things around, and before long you're walking Myriam down the aisle to give her away, then enjoying a celebratory knees up in the tavern with the rest of your Homestead folk.



After you've completed the main story of Assassin's Creed 3, a new 'W' marker appears in the southwest area of the New York map. By travelling to this location you'll meet George Washington, with whom you can discuss the outcome of recent events and formulate plans for the future.

Further interactions with Washington will then initiate games of bowls against him on the nearby bowling green, where it turns out his strategic mind extends to the sport and makes him a tough opponent to beat. Sadly there's no actual reward for winning one of these matches, other than the satisfaction of defeating one of the Founding Fathers at their own game.

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