Wii U video chat requires game closure

Iwata hopes for 'improvement' despite technical 'hurdles'

Accepting a video call via your Wii U will require you to quit your game in progress, Nintendo has confirmed.


Owners will be able to make video calls between Wii U's using the GamePad's front-facing camera, but calls cannot be made with a game running in the background.

"First, when the other person is online with Wii U, and you call them, their Home Button will flash to let them know a call is coming in," explained Nintendo's Fumihiko Tamiya in a recent Iwata Asks interview. "If they open the Menu, they'll get a message telling them they have an in-coming call, and if they answer it, the Wii U Chat session begins."

But, he adds, "they will have to end the game" to accept the call.

This is something Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata hopes can be improved at a later date. "There must be technical hurdles involved, but I hope this is an area that we can improve on in the future," he said.

Tamiya explains what happens if a call is made to a Wii U that's switched off. "They wouldn't be able to tell from the Wii U, but you can leave a message that appears in the messages list on Wii U Chat, and also through a message on Miiverse."