Minecraft PC hits 8 million sales, Persson 'grinning'

Another million copies sold in just under three months

Minecraft is still selling by the bucketload, it seems, as the game has sold another million copies over the nearly three months.


"The PC version of Minecraft just passed 8 million sales," said series creator Markus 'Notch' Persson via Twitter today.

"My face is making grinning sounds, so I assume it's grinning," he added.

That's another million copies logged since Persson announced 7 million PC sales in mid-August.

Its success isn't limited to the PC version, with Minecraft on Xbox surpassing four million sales as of October 1, according to developer 4J Studios.

The game broke previous XBLA records by selling more than any other title in its first 24 hours of availability on the digital platform. It went on to sell over a million copies in less than a week.

Mojang recently released the latest major update for the PC version, 'Update 1.4: 'Pretty Scary Update'.