'Will the zombie craze ever end?'

*Groan, groan, groan*

On this week's mailbox we've got Niall Ashley, who e-mailed in to have a bit of a pop at zombies, particularly the overuse of them in video games. What are your opinions on the shambling, moaning menace everyone loves to hate? Let us know in the comments below.

Over to Niall...


Throughout the years, games focusing on the undead have increased. This is an obvious fact, as anyone can tell but the real question is why? What must be undoubtedly the most classic zombie game ever, Resident Evil, practically created awhole new genre on its own. AndIdon't mean horror or survival horror, I just mean zombies!Many games have now taken a certain twist on this (after all, who doesn't love to kill hordes of the undead - it's simply addictive) but theyaren't always scary!

For example, there's Mass Effect's husks: not scary, but instead enemies with a disturbing biology, much like the Ghouls from Fallout. Then there's Borderland's Zombie Island of Dr Ned, which keeps up with the dark humour Borderlands is renowned for while still being fun, and of course Halo's Flood, who have a very rich backstory and are ever evolving.

What I want to know is, will this craze ever end? Many games take certain twists on this like Castleminer Z and FortNite (Which I'm still looking forward to seeing a gameplay video of), the survival games like Day-Z and State of Decay (formerly Class 3) and finally the horde mode for games like Call of Duty Black Ops.

Niall Yet still the question arises, what leads us to keep playing these 'oh so very similar' games time and time again? I don't know, and yet still I'll buy and play the games!

GM says: Why are zombies so popular? Well back in the fifties when they first starting punching through sod to make their way onto cinema screens they were a horrifying personification of a major worry of the times. Their mutated forms were seen as a warning against nuclear holocaust after the terrifying realisation of theatom bomb's power in Hiroshima and the many worrying developments throughout the Cold War.

It's a fair assumption to suggest that the recent surge in zombie popularity is a sign of the times. Perhaps it's the fear of becoming an unidentifiable soulless nothing in an ever more impersonal society? Perhaps the apocalyptic landscapes we traverse in Zombie games mirror our view of an economically ravaged reality? Or perhaps we just really like decapitating people without feeling the most remote portion of guilt about such actions afterwards? Laughter.... shudder...

CVG says: We're going to take less of a philosophical perspective with our answer and say zombie are just really good fun to shoot, stab and blow up. Since they're not human they're an easy and convenient enemy to feature in games. Until we can find something as satisfying to gun down they're not going anywhere for a while.