Video: Introducing GTA 5 O'Clock

Our GTA expert examines the latest rumours in new video show

Over a year ago, before anyone outside Rockstar knew anything about GTA V, PSM3's Dan Dawkins correctly called its major themes.

He said it would be set in Los Santos, there would be multiple playable characters, it would be a comment on the global recession, deal with corruption, finance and celebrity, and incorporate social networking via the game's phones.

In short, Dan knows GTA. Which is why, every Wednesday at 5pm, CVG's Tim Weaver will be talking to Dan as he forensically takes apart every inch of Rockstar's game.

This will be the most informed, most accurate dissection of the game anywhere, taking in our eyes-on and hands-on sessions with the game, and running all the way through to release.

Think you know GTA V? Not until you subscribe to GTA 5 O'Clock.

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