'If Doom Was Done Today' shows FPS classic through modern-day lenses

While it's not the first time id Software's classic FPSs have been used to provide contrast to modern day shooter franchises like Call of Duty, this one has to be among the best.


'If Doom Was Done Today' reimagines the original Doom as a modern hand-holding FPS. It features a rejigged version of Doom's second level (E1M2), but note the differences: otherwise open-ended areas are now blocked by walls, there's a commander barking very obvious orders at you, and achievements are unlocked at the mere sight of in-game advertising.

It serves to provide contrast between old school shooters and their plot-driven and over-signposted modern equivalents. Every slight interaction in 'If Doom Was Done Today' is spelled out in excruciating detail. QTEs are abundant, everything is scripted, and dubious plot-devices are used to prolong set pieces.

According to the creator - known on YouTube as Chubzdoomer - the project "is meant to make a statement rather than be enjoyable to play," so keep that in mind if you intend to download the mods (which you can do here). Whatever your opinion on the evolution of shooters though, the video is hilarious, so watch it. Thanks to NeoGAF for the tip.

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