Wii U review round-up: Nintendo Land and Mario Bros. U scores go live

UPDATED - All the Wii U game review scores in one place...

The first Wii U game reviews have gone live across the gaming press.

In CVG's New Super Mario Bros. review, Alex Dale says of the platformer: "When New Super Mario Bros U is in full flight - be it a death-defying squirrel dive, the chaotic hilarity of a four-way snake block road trip, or a manic timed sprint through a crowd of Boos - it serves as a timely reminder of the Nintendo magic that, sooner or later, your wallet will find hard to resist."

Other New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land reviews have also gone live, and as always we've rounded them up and presented them for you below. [UPDATE: We've added more scores.]


New Super Mario Bros. U

  • CVG: 8.3 - "You'll complete it in a weekend, but the challenges will keep you plugging away for months. Ol' Faithful delivers another strong 2D platformer without even breaking sweat."
  • IGN: 9.1 - "For everything the basic Story Mode does right - and that's a considerable amount - the Challenge Mode will be remembered as a key moment in the life of the New Mario series, where Nintendo realized it didn't have to sacrifice the core gamer's experience at the expense of a more casual audience."
  • Polygon: 8.5 - "New Super Mario Bros. U actually feels like it's from that era. It's where the series would have gone next if the transition to 3D had never happened, and it feels great to be back on that track."
  • Games Radar: 4/5 - "New Super Mario Bros. U is more interested in making new memories than retreading the character's celebrated history. It's clear now that the team saved its best for NSMB U, and early Wii U owners should not pass that up."
  • Kotaku: (No score) - "This is not a killer app, like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was for the Wii so long ago. It's not the type of game you must play. It's a standard Super Mario Bros. game, easily consumable and always fun, even when it doesn't feel super fresh. It's just another Mario. Not that that's a bad thing."
  • Joystiq: 4.5/5 - "The New Super Mario Bros. series may have taken the beloved Nintendo franchise back to its 2D roots, but New Super Mario Bros. U reintroduces what made the original games so good in the first place."
  • Destructoid: 8.5 - "New Super Mario Bros. U is a great little platformer that kicks off the Wii U launch with a bang. Players know exactly what they're getting with this one -- an entertaining and incomplex bit of gaming that provides challenge and smirks in equal measure."
  • Shack News: (No score) - "New Super Mario Bros U may not sell the Wii U by showing off the GamePad in any meaningful, innovative ways. Instead, it sells Nintendo's new hardware by simply being the best 2D Mario game since Yoshi's Island."
  • 1UP: B+ - "NSMBU doesn't re-write the rules of platforming games, but it carefully balances enough of what works with a handful of new ideas that come together in the end."
  • Venturebeat: 83 - "Judged in a universe where no other Mario games exist, New Super Mario Bros. U would easily be a triumph. As-is, it feels like a smaller effort, a checklist completed with recycled items."
  • Official Nintendo Magazine: 86 - "Struggles to capture the creative spark of its NES/SNES ancestors, but this is a rock solid platforming elevated through a renewed focus on skilled play."
  • Eurogamer: 9/10 - "Is the plumber's Wii U debut as good as his recent 3D outings? Not quite, but for the New Super Mario Bros. series, it's a real step forward in detailing, imagination and character."
  • Digital Spy: 4/5 - "Outside of multiplayer, New Super Mario Bros. U offers little in the way of innovation, focusing instead on delivering tightly-designed levels, which look superb and can be played when the television is in use."

Nintendo Land

  • IGN: 8.7 - "Nintendo Land is a brilliant show of what Nintendo's new console and tablet controller are capable of, and has far more depth and content then you'd expect from a mini-game collection."
  • Kotaku: (No score) - "It's hard to assess how good or flawed Nintendo Land is. It's mostly a well-made if complicated game. If it's supposed to hook people on a convoluted console, it may falter. If it's supposed to delight Nintendo fans, it probably will without satiating them."
  • 1UP: B+ - "Mileage for these attractions may vary, but Nintendo Lands delivers a fun title to keep you busy while friends and family visit during the upcoming holidays."
  • Polygon: 8 - "This final view of a trinket-covered Nintendo Land is a metaphor for the game. It's massive, but disposable; grotesque, yet striking; commodified, but affecting. Not everything in Nintendo Land works, but what it does well, no one else is even trying."
  • Joystiq: 4/5 - "Nintendo Land, then, is inherently targeted at a much narrower audience than its pack-in predecessor, Wii Sports. Whether you think that's a problem in the long term depends on how loudly you've decried Nintendo over the last six years for "abandoning" its core."
  • Game Informer: 7.0 - "The question for Nintendo Land really comes down to longevity. Although I had an absolute blast playing Mario Chase for a few rounds, I'm already bored with it. With only a few similar standout games, the collection doesn't captivate as much as it could."
  • Destructoid: 7.0 - "Those unconvinced about what the Wii U can do would benefit from finding themselves a way of trying out Nintendo Land. It manages to do a lot with the system without, I believe, even scratching the service of what more focused and dedicated videogames could achieve. "
  • Games Radar: 3.5/5 - "As a whole, all 12 games contain enough variety to make Nintendo Land a perfectly satisfying way to familiarize yourself with the Wii U, but the reliance on Nintendo nostalgia is a blessing and a curse."
  • Shack News: (No score) - "Nintendo Land was supposed to be the Wii Sports of the console: a showcase title that converted gamers and non-gamers alike to the Wii U experience. Instead, Nintendo Land is this generation's Wii Play: a shallow collection of mini-games bundled with Nintendo hardware--and promptly forgotten."
  • Official Nintendo Magazine: 90 - "Nintendo might have begun to embrace the online world, but this is a clarion call for local multiplayer. Matching experimentation with (almost) consistently brilliant gameplay, this is as much a marker of what's to come as it is an excellent launch game."
  • Eurogamer: 8/10 - "It's not just half a dozen great diversions and a few more besides; it's sweet fan service that celebrates Nintendo's catalogue with more heart and less calculation than we've seen of late."
  • Digital Spy: 4/5 - "Nintendo Land is a completely unique game unlike anything else available on other consoles, combining the way the Smash Bros. games used Nintendo's history with the innovation of Wii Sports."