Watch the second GTA V trailer remade in GTA IV

Waiting for Grand Theft Auto V is a bit of a bummer. Sure, it's exciting to deconstruct trailers, speculate on internet forums, and pore over every crumb of info Rockstar deigns to throw at us, but anticipation is no where near as fun as actually playing the game.


Some of us wield our excitement in more creative ways than others. YouTube user underage117 is one of those people. He or she has recreated the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer in the old Grand Theft Auto IV engine.

Rockstar has clearly made some drastic improvements to its RAGE engine: the characters shown here look a lot stiffer, and the facial expressions much more... uncanny. Overall, the visuals appear more life-like and impressive in the new trailer.

Anyway, compare and contrast for yourself below. Thanks to Kotaku for the tip.

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Rockstar released two new screenshots at the weekend. Check them out now.