Star Citizen 'shatters crowdfunding records' with $6.2m pool

Space sim project lead "absolutely elated" by fan response

A new landmark in video game crowdfunding was claimed on Tuesday as Chris Roberts' Star Citizen brought in $6.2 million from eager fans.


The money was brought together through simultaneous funding initiatives on Kickstarter and Roberts' own website.

The final amount that Star Citizen made on Kickstarter was around $2.1 million, roughly half the total figure raised by Obsidian's Project Eternity Kickstarter initiative. However, an additional $4.1 million was pledged on Roberts' own website, bringing the total to $6.2 million.

Space sim MMO Star Citizen won't be subscription-based or free-to-play, instead it will adopt the traditional one-time purchase model, with in-game items available through microtransactions.

Roberts, who worked on both the Wing Commander and Privateer franchises, says the game has been in production for about 12 months at Cloud Imperium, a Los Angeles based studio he founded in April 2011.

In the years between his work at games studios, Roberts' career ventured into Hollywood where he worked as director and producer on films including Lucky Number Slevin, The Jacket and The Punisher.

Roberts believes Star Citizen will break new ground.

"I am absolutely elated by the incredible outpouring of support for this project," he said of the crowdfunding response.

"It's clear that space sim fans have just been waiting for a game like ours to come along and rekindle some of the excitement that's been missing from PC games and the space sim genre. With the resources that our fans have provided, it means the team will be able to provide more features in Star Citizen and deliver an even better game."

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