First issue of new look Official Nintendo Magazine out now

Get your Wii U launch edition today!

The redesigned Official Nintendo Magazine is out today and features comprehensive coverage of the Wii U.


The mag, which has been treated to a top-to-bottom makeover, features a new Miiverse community, reviews of the biggest Wii U launch titles, a "definitive buyers' guide" and FAQ section answering the burning questions about Nintendo's latest console.

Also included is a feature on the best launch moment from Nintendo's history, a preview of Animal Crossing New Leaf and plenty of new info on the upcoming 3DS entry in the franchise.

The Wii U launch edition of the Official Nintendo Magazine is on sale now. Don't want to miss an issue in the future? You can subscribe to the magazine for the discounted of just £7.79 or subscribe and get a free Wii U workshirt.