iPad tops game consoles on US kids' Christmas wishlists - research

Apple products dominate list of most sough-after tech devices

Apple products dominate kids' consumer electronics Christmas wishlists, according to a survey conducted by research firm Nielsen.


American children appear to be more interested in the latest iOS offerings than other technology devices like dedicated games consoles, with Apple products occupying many of the top spots on surveys designed to identify the most-sought after gadgets.

Approximately half of the children aged 6-12 surveyed by Nielsen expressed an interest in buying an iPad in the next sixth months, ahead of Wii U (39 percent), iPad mini (36 percent), iPod touch (36 percent) and iPhone (33 percent). Vita is the least-sought after dedicated games hardware (14 per cent).

iPad also topped wishlists for persons aged 13-plus, with 21 per cent of those surveyed expressing an interest in picking up Apple's tablet, ahead of a computer (19 percent), tablet other than an iPad (18 percent), Wii U (17 percent) and iPhone (14 percent).

In the UK, Bookies Paddy Power and Ladbrokes recently revealed their odds for this year's contenders for the UK Christmas No.1 chart spot, with both tipping Black Ops 2 for success.