This is what PlayStation All-Stars looks like in 16-bit

London based designer, illustrator and author Aled Lewis has taken the new Sony brawler PS All-Stars: Battle Royale and given it an 16-bit facelift.

To celebrate the release of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Lewis was asked to create three pieces of artwork for the game, depicting characters in iconic fighting scenes in classic films.

Combining his love for the 16-bit era, Lewis rendered the characters in the pixelated design of a bygone era.

The three artworks include:

  • Rocky: Fat Princess takes on the 72 steps.
  • Reservoir Dogs: Jak and Daxter enter Tarintino's wild world.
  • The Karate Kid: Kratos and Sackboy go one-on-one in the final All Valley Karate Tournament.

The artwork can be viewed on Aled Lewis' Facebook page, along with his other work.