Codies enlists X360A to create Achievements list for Grid 2

Xbox360Achievements to offer insight into Achievement/Trophy creation as guest designers

Codemasters has asked achievement-tracking website Xbox360Achievments to design the Trophies/Achievements list for Grid 2.


"Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies will work hand-in-hand with the designers at Codemasters' world class racing studio, to create an Achievement and Trophy list that will perfectly compliment the game and play to its strengths," says the PR.

"Documenting the process from start to finish, gamers will be able to track what goes into creating an Achievement and Trophy list with a series of features, vid blogs and more, giving gamers a detailed insight into a process that is very much a mystery for most onlookers."

X360A and its sister site PS3Trophies (PS3T) have been diligently tracking and listing Achievements/Trophies since they became a 'thing' in current generation gaming.

X360A editor in chief Dan Webb said, "For years we've been criticising lacklustre Achievement and Trophy lists, and now, we finally get the chance to put our money where our mouth is."

Grid 2 is on track for a summer 2013 release.