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Hundreds of female game devs speak out on sexism

'#1ReasonWhy' hashtag causes outpour on Twitter

A growing volume of accusations of workplace sexism and harassment within the games industry is being chronicled on Twitter for the first time.


Overnight, US games writer Filumena Young explained why she was resistant to working in the games industry, adding the tag #1ReasonWhy to her messages. Within an hour, her messages triggered a growing body of responses from women all across the games sector, explaining their difficulties in a male dominated workplace.

As more women caught wind of the #1ReasonWhy messages, more added their views, rapidly accelerating the number of revelations attached to the hastag though the early hours of Tuesday morning. Female Britons picked up the baton, and at the time of going to press, #1ReasonWhy has become the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Female developers and industry professionals have chronicled an extraordinary number of claims, opinions and accusations relating to workplace sexism.

According to research by Tiga, the trade body representing the UK games industry, women make up just 12 per cent of the development workforce in Britain - a pattern consistent with many countries across the west.

Below is a tiny selection of messages from women in the games industry.