Live: GTA 5 news and rumours as they happen

Plus: Our weekly video show, GTA V O'Clock

It's the biggest game of the next year - and between now and release, we'll be all over Grand Theft Auto V, updating this page as and when new details, shots, previews and features drop. We'll also be including links to our new weekly show, GTA V O'Clock, which will go up at 5pm every Wednesday and include the kind of epic, forensic-level analysis even the FBI can't teach.

Let's kick off with an info round-up: Rockstar has confirmed that the GTA V release date will fall in spring 2013 on consoles and has already kicked off GTA V pre-orders. We've gathered together the first round of GTA 5 screenshots and GTA V details, including a breakdown on each of the game's three main characters, dynamic missions, and more.

More GTA V news updates to follow...

Posted at 17.00 on 30th January

NEW EPISODE of GTA V O'Clock: Word! After last week's debacle of illness and ice, we're back with a brand new edition of GTA V O'Clock. In a change to your regular programming, Dan 'Daniel' Dawkins is joined by CVG's James Jarvis, the silent assassin behind GTA V O'Clock's visuals, as regular host Tim Weaver was out of the office this week, possibly never to be seen again. (Until next week.) On the agenda this time: box art discussions and brand new artwork. Tune in, subscribe, and stick your theories and comments below the vid. Enjoy!

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Posted at 17.00 on 23rd January

Unfortunately, Tim had to abandon his car on Tuesday night after the Snowpocalypse hit Bath, and was then forced to come back on Wednesday for more. Thus:

And in a double whammy, Dan got his man flu back. Thus:

So, we've been unable to record an episode of GTA V O'Clock this week. Massive apologies, but we'll be back, bigger, stronger and sexier than ever next week. Well, maybe not sexier.

Posted at 17.00 on 16th January

NEW EPISODE of GTA V O'Clock: Hello... you. This week's episode of 'Clock - as it's not known, anywhere - sees us breaking down two of the games missions into some kind of order, using every image released so far, as well as the two trailers. We're talking chronology, location and how they play out. We also give shout-outs to our best (and most aggressive) forum commenters. Get involved, we would.

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Posted at 17.00 on 9th January

NEW EPISODE of GTA V O'Clock: Happy new year, 5 O'Clockers! In our first post-Christmas episode, we take apart the five new screenshots (and one piece of artwork) released just before the festive period. Think they don't hold any clues? Think again. We talk whole missions, sharks, submarines, locations and the Megalithic Monuments of Mu. Don't worry, that last one makes sense when you hear it in context. Sort of.

Posted at 10.25 on 20th December

NEW EPISODE of GTA V O'Clock: This week's episode sees us mapping out Los Santos using real-world L.A. locations as a starting point. Want to know how big the map will be, what sort of areas the game might include, and where you'll (probably) be able to go bungee jumping? We've got the answers.

Posted at 16.30 on 12th December

Unfortunately, this week's GTA V O'Clock has run into some problems. Namely that Dan has EXTREME MAN FLU and we haven't been able to get him in front of a microphone for two days. However, before he got ill, he'd been collating a brilliant, essential map of Los Santos, that we will be delving into as soon as he's back. Sit tight and wait for updates.

Posted at 17.00 on 5th December

NEW EPISODE of GTA V O'Clock: This week's episode sees us taking to the final round of GTA V rumours, including those outed by an alleged QA tester at Rockstar. Using series expert Dan Dawkins' insight (remember, this is the same guy who called multiple characters, Los Santos and the major themes of GTA V a year ago), we whittle down what's true, what's not, and what we could be seeing in the game come next year. Want answers? We've got them here...

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