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Posted at 17.00 on 28th November

NEW EPISODE of GTA V O'Clock: the second part of our rumour debunking, plus razor-sharp insight into trailer clues, casting calls and insider leaks. Are any of them true? What evidence is there to back them up? How might they play out in the game? We have the answers...

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Posted at 12.06 on 28th November

And here's the first two episodes of GTA V O'Clock (and a bonus Episode 0):

Episode 2: Rumour debunking, part 1

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Episode 1: Full, in-depth Trailer 2 analysis

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Bonus Episode 0: Will GTA V be on next gen consoles too?

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Posted at 11.12 on 28th November

And here's all the major CVG coverage of GTA V up to this point:

Posted at 10.34 on 28th November

So, to kick things off, here's the latest trailer:

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