Dragon Age 3 bound for next-gen platforms, claims EA dev CV

EA level designer hints at new console outing for sequel

Dragon Age 3 could be in the works for Sony and Microsoft's next generation consoles, if details found in an EA developer's CV turn out to be accurate.


According to a statement in the CV of EA Shanghai level designer Tao Gu, the "scope of the DAIII has been chaged, which will target next gen platform and will be postpone [sic] to 2014."

Gu made contributions to Dragon Age 3 earlier this year, according to a Kotaku report.

The site speculates that the 'postponed' release Gu speaks of could be related to alleged rumours of the game having been shifted internally from a fiscal 2013 release (ending March 31, 2013) to a fiscal 2014 - which would fall in line with the late calendar 2013 release that was officially announced.

More intriguing, however, is the game's supposed next-gen destination. No platforms were mentioned in the official announcement, which supports the theory that EA could be targeting unannounced systems.

But the game was confirmed to be built on DICE's Frostbite 2 tech - the same engine which EA has said on record "was built for the next generation" - in the words of EA Games head, Patrick Soderlund.

BioWare promises that the game will combine "the storytelling legacy BioWare is known for, with deep RPG gameplay, all on a brand new RPG game engine underpinned by EA's critically-acclaimed Frostbite 2 technology".

BioWare Edmonton general manager Aaryn Flynn at the time of the announcement, "With Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, we want to give fans what they're asking for - a great story with choices that matter, a massive world to explore, deep customization and combat that is both tactical and visceral."